Reducing Traffic - Measure M


Measure M Approved by Voters, with 70% Voting YES!


Measure M, the Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan, will get Los Angeles moving again. Measure M will finally give us the type of world-class, interconnected transportation system that other cities use to reduce traffic and create jobs. It will allow us to: construct a system that reduces our commute times by 15%; create 465,300 new jobs; and share with every city in the county millions of dollars a year for traffic improvements and crucial infrastructure repairs, such as street resurfacing and seismic retrofitting of our bridges. Measure M also allows us to offer discounted fares for students, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Here on the Westside, Measure M would allow to complete the Metro rail connection to LAX from the Crenshaw Line and the Green Line; build transit from LAX north to Van Nuys; extend the Wilshire subway further west to the Veterans Administration campus; create Bus Rapid Transit on Lincoln Boulevard from Santa Monica to LAX; and extend the Crenshaw Line north to West Hollywood and Hollywood. It also includes funding for expanded local buses and neighborhood shuttles, and for bicycle and pedestrian amenities to make it safer to walk or bike to transit.

On the Westside, Measure M would build on the tremendous success of the Metro Expo Line, which is already exceeding expectations and taking cars off the road. A staggering 70% of riders on the line are first-time riders, and half of the new riders say they used to drive alone in a car.


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